Tuesday, July 29, 2008

PC Club 這次正式宣告破產?

今天聽到前 Newegg 同事說: 他上星期已經離開 PC Club,主動請辭,準備前往新公司工作。他和我說: 這次很幸運能早日離開,因為 PC Club 已經再次申請破產。

他曾向他的同事,後來升遷為他的經理說: 公司狀況不好,千萬不要學鐵達尼號快要沉的時候,還在學小提琴手唱歌。他的經理覺得不以為意。如今再次破產,又能怪誰呢?


PC Club 無預警裁所有員工
申請 H1B簽證的文件


UNG said...

Ray: 想請教一下,我的H1B正在審核中,我想我律師寫的申請文件證據不夠充分,所以USCIS要求我提供更多證明,我目前雇主在德州,因為某些因素,我必須趕快在加州San Diego找到新雇主,剛剛看了另外一個網站說,If you are changig employer (H1B transfer), you need to add:
. Current I-797 form (H1B approval notice)
. Three most recent pay stubs
意思是我必須拿到H1B approval,並且在德州雇主那邊工作三個月然後才能換sponsor嗎?這兩天San Diego有recruiters打電話來..不知道該怎樣跟對方說明我目前的狀況,真是心情十萬火急啊,因為USCIS要補充的文件真的不少. 律師建議我先不要換sponsor, 等目前這通過再說..我發現我的律師好像經驗不足 > < ", 請問你有這方面的相關資料嗎? 感恩...

Iche said...

Hi Ray,


Ray said...

I haven't contacted him for a long time. Where are you now?

1. Did your Texas employer apply for H1B for you? If yes, you should get I-797. It is on your H1B document.

2. Three most recent pay stubs means you must have the paycheck paid by your employer.
For example, if your employer paid you every 2 weeks, you received the salary and the paycheck showed your salary and tax.

I can't beleive that your lawyer didn't mention these 2 documents.

No Chinese Keyboard now.

Iche said...

Thanks, Ray. I am an accountant in New York, and debating about whether staying or leaving. Sometimes I need guidance as well. :)

Ray said...

Iche, why do you want to leave the USA? I usually go to the temple to have a peaceful mind .:)

Iche said...

Hey Ray,
How about we communicate through email? You can shoot me a line or two at qiu_tw@yahoo.com.

As to the question, I feel lonely and unfulfilled in the states. I guess I miss the feeling that parents constantly around.

ung said...

Ray, Thank you for your reply. I finally understand three most recent pay stubs might be every 2 weeks payment. If H1B makeup documents make USCIS approve my OCT08 H1B, I should wait at least until NOV. to collect 3 paychecks and apply my new H1B again.
1. Do you have any idea how long it usually take to get approval for H1B transfer?
2. If the recruiters call now, how should I tell them about my work status? Or do you recommend me to wait until H1B is approved and then find another sponsorship?
3. I just come here with B2 visa expired on JAN09.
4. Any good lawyer you recommend?
Thank you for you kindly help and sorry for so many questions.

ung said...

3. I just come here with B2 visa expired on JAN09.
Correction: B1 Tourist Visa.

comy said...

To ung

要合法開始工作為新雇主工作,只要拿到H1b transfer的收據就可以了,不用等到核准.

Ray said...

Give me your email. I will send my email to you with my TEL.

Ray said...

Send the email to you again because it was returned to me yesterday.

Ray said...



不是很清楚你的狀況!你的目前雇主在德州,它有幫你辦H1B嗎? 你現在到底是B1還是H1B.


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