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2010 年在美國合法報稅完畢,退回不少費用

今年報稅季節已來臨,有了去年研讀報稅書的經驗後,今年報稅時更加覺得自己得心應手。今年 TaxACT 改變做法, 若你要查看你試算後所有報稅的表格, 你需要先付費用才行。此項費用也包含你電子報稅的費用。反正對於習慣 TaxACT 介面操作的我來說無傷大雅。

今年報稅時,遇到 3 個有趣的問題:

1. Making Work Pay:

大部分的都可以領到這項 tax credit。TaxACT 已幫你算好了,你只要注意 1040 From 的 63 欄即可。一人最多可拿 400 元,夫妻二人最多拿 800 元回來。

2. 2009年華盛頓州提高了 General Sales Tax

美國報稅書讀後心得(六)中提到: 2008年假設以華盛頓州 King County 而言,年薪介於 3 萬到 4 萬之間的人,Table Amount 計算的結果是 725 元的 Sales Tax。2009年卻是 777.44 元,其主要原因是 Local Tax 從2.48% 提高到2.88%, 但是TaxACT 卻保留我去年報稅紀錄(2.48%),幸好我在 IRS 的 Sales Tax Deduction Calculator 先試算過,不然我會少拿一些費用回來。

3. 第一次使用 TaxACT 來操作 1099-DIV 及 1099-B

我只有投資台股,沒有投資美股,所以若投資美股賺錢時,應如何用電子報稅呢 ? 其實我也沒研究過。去年斯汀買了一些美股,賺了一些錢,但是要用 TaxACT 報稅時,我卻遇到了一些問題。 1099-DIV (股利)比較簡單,只要按其指示,輸入資料即可。但是 1099-B 我卻遇到了一些問題。

1099-B 只紀錄股票賣出的交易金額,但是報稅時一定要在 Schedule D 中紀錄何時買進及何時賣出的紀錄。因此必須在券商 (Broker)的網站上下載所有曾經交易過的紀錄才行 (Excel 檔案)。

雖然 TaxACT 可以讓我上傳 Excel 檔案並出現在 Schedule D 中,但是結果卻困擾著我,我猜這是由於每一家券商 Excel 中的欄位格式不同所導致的。後來我也發覺其實每家報稅軟體都有這個問題,只能仰賴自己手動修改 Schedule D 中的資料才行。

經過 2 個月的反覆試算,在 3 月 23 日正式報稅。今天終於拿到退稅金額。還沒有報稅的你,請記得要趕快報稅。

2009 年在美國合法報稅完畢,退回不少費用


takethat said...


Ray said...


Randy said...

Hi Ray,

I spent a whole day yesterday trying to figure out which form should I use, going trough various instructions, and then dealing with deductions. That was really a pain in the a--! We're a bit complicated due to our dual status last year and we need to file an extension until we pass the 183-day test. Anyway, I had a question regarding worldwide income and not sure if I need to report my stocks in Taiwan. It's not much (about NT320,000) though. No dividends received in 2009. So should i report this?
Thanks in advance. I've learned a lot from your website :)

Ray said...

Your information is not enough for me. Do you live in the US? Are you a Green card holder, US citizen or on H1B?

Randy said...

Hi Ray~
We are on H1b and H4. I've been working since Sep. 2008. My H1b took effect last Oct. I have been trying any possible ways to lower my taxable income, but we're still looking at somethin around 100K. As I don't have income from Taiwan other than these stocks, I wonder if I'm required to report this even if no dividend were received. But how about if I did earn some profits from them!? You mentioned of your stocks in TW, so I'm curious how you dealt with it...

Randy said...

Oh, yes. We live in US.

Ray said...


You are not a US ciizen or permenent resident, and why do you want to report this income outsides of the USA? Where do you get this info??

Randy said...

That's so-called First Year Choice. See IRS

That's why we need an extension and wait till early May to pass the substantial presence test and file jointly as resident alien using form 1040. But we'll be required to report our worldwide income by doing so...


Ray said...

I don't have an idea now. For specific information, you can ask some accountants for futher information.

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