Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Comcast 提供短期停止服務功能-基本月費 25 美元

我們家中安裝 Comcast 的三合一服務 (網路,電視,電話),每月大約 USD 110 元 。最近斯汀向Comcast 的客服人員請教問題,發覺了一項服務,那就是 Comcast 提供短期停止服務的功能,只要基本月費 USD 25。短期停止服務至少 1 個月,最長 6 個月。

只要你因公出差或旅遊超過一個月,你就可以要求暫時停止服務,基本月費 USD 25。若你現在停止服務 6個月,2 個月後,你回到家中,你可隨時啟動服務。其他家電信公司應該也會有這樣的服務吧。


T-Mobile 提供短期停機的服務-基本月費10美元
增加美國生活樂趣: HDMI 電視+ HDMI 電腦+ PPStream


chengkai said...

Direct TV provide free of charge for stopping service up to 6 month. I know this because I just got a contact job in North Carolina, and my family and I came over here for a month from Issaquah ... Just provide another information.

Ray said...

Thanks for your information.
How much is your monthly fee for Direct TV? If it is good, I can change the provider. ;)

Michelle said...

Well, to me, I think Comcast provides better customer service, even though the two providers are basically different. One is cable and the other satellite.

T-mobile has the similar service, too.

Ray said...

It really depends on what you think of their customer service. Different people have different viewpoints.

Anonymous said...

Just saw this ad. Seems there is a promotion but no idea how TV provider works in US. Maybe it suits you.

take that

Ray said...

Take that,
Thanks for your info.

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