Saturday, November 14, 2009


相信大家在美國都曾為了省 USD 100-200 元的票價,而不搭直飛的美國國內航班,而改搭轉機的航班。你們曾經遇過嚴重的班機延誤嗎?

前一陣子一家航空的航班嚴重耽誤,很多人抱怨連連。這也使我想起斯汀去年為了省錢,從西雅圖機場飛到 Las Vegas (途中經由舊金山轉機)共花了15小時,回程也花了15小時。二日的行程全部耗在舊金山機場的轉機上。經過了這次的教訓,她發誓不再因小錢而浪費寶貴的時間。

當她在舊金山轉機時,因為航空公司採聯營方式,系統有點偏差。A 航空公司說: 你應該到 B 航空公司詢問,到了 B 公司時, B 公司和她說:你應該到 A 公司詢問。後來確定已無法搭乘預定起飛的航班,只好再等好幾小時的班次。



連老美都困惑的親屬關係英文字彙 : first cousin once removed, first cousin twice removed


Angie said...

Hi Ray,
Thanks a lot.


Ray said...

Where did your bf get his H1B visa? Is it from Taipei? If you are in Seattle, why not get married first in the court first? You can get the marriage certificate quickly.

If the attorney didn’t reply to your bf, why don’t you call another Chinese attorney to ask the information you want? There are many attorneys in WA and CA. You can ask them quickly and easily. Thinking and waiting can’t solve the problem.

I am not a expert, so I don’t know how to answer your questions because your situation is complicated. Asking a professional attorney is always a good idea.

No Chinese keyboard.

Angie said...

Hi Ray,
Thanks for your reply. I think my bf got his H1B in Canada or America. I am not sure.
I came here(Seattle) for vacation and will go back to Taiwan on Novermber 26th. I am not working in the USA.
My bf called the attorney yesterday,but he got no answers.
Well, I will ask him to keep contact with the attorney or find another one.

Tks a lot.


Anonymous said...

A friend had a similar situation as Angie. She (from Taiwan) was on vacation here a few years ago, and met her boy friend (now husband,from Taiwan too). The BF was on the H1B visa, and after married to him, she applied for the H4 without any issue ( yes it take normal process times of 3 months or so, but what do you expect? The immigration have too many things to process and and it take good time to process).

IMHO, Angie, as long as your BF and you are legally in the USA, and the marriage is real, then there is nothing to worry about getting the H4.

However, I am more worried about your BF. As you had said that your BF might get detain in Taiwan, and why he wants to take the risk? One more thing, he might want to make sure that he can reenter to USA with the VISA stamped on the passport to avoid

Wish you best luck to your marrage.

Ray, love your blog and keep on posting interesting, informative, and educational topics. Thank you for your good works.

Ray said...

You should call some Chinese attorneys about your situation.

You are right. We cannot take any risk.

Thanks for your kind words. I will add some useful information in my blog. :)

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