Thursday, December 27, 2012

迎接2013 年-新年快樂

再過幾天 2013 年即將來臨。2012 年對很多人來說意義不同,對我們家來說卻是非常有意義的一年:

2011 年年底, 將近二年的軟體工作 Contract 結束, 我也如願找到一份頗具挑戰性的軟體工作。

2012 年年初回台灣終於完成了久違的婚禮, 我的人生四十才開始

2012 年年初從台灣完成婚禮回來後,開始了這份挑戰性的軟體工作,不敢有絲毫的怠惰。我們的開發及測試團隊年底前完成了七個國家的產品,如期上線。慶功宴時,我也獲得一份獎狀(Award),這證明一切努力都是值得的。

老婆大人前公司的老闆開了新公司, 她負責公司內一切大大小小的事情(電腦設定,產品設計, 網站架設,行銷及業務推廣..), 現在公司也開始上了軌道。我也看到一家公司如何從無變有的過程,真是刺激也很有挑戰性。

2012年台灣聯合報代表字 "憂", 我只期望 2013 年能變成 "安" ,大家一切都能轉危為安。大家 2013 年都能安安心心,順順利利




Sharon said...


我是Lin, 目前在西雅圖讀書,是從台灣來的國際生.我這年來有在follow您的facebook page, 想問問您一些關於國際生找工作的經驗和建議,請問您有email可以方便聯絡嗎?謝謝!

Happy holidays!

Ray said...

you can join my fan page and I think many people can answer your questions.

Sharon said...

Dear Ray,

Thank you! Yes, I have followed your page for more than a year now, but I was wondering if I may be able to connect with you. But if not, that is totally understandable.

Specifically, do you know of any Taiwanese companies in the Seattle area except for HTC? I would love to work for one of these companies and return to Taiwan and add more value to the company. Currently, I'm also job hunting since I will be graduating in a few months. I would love to hear about your suggestions!

Thanks, have a great day!

Ray said...

If you have followed me more than 1 year, you should know my email. It is easy to find it in my blog and facebook fan page. :)

I only know HTC in Seattle. Adding more value has many ways. Why restrict you in Taiwanese companies?

Sharon said...

Hi Ray,

I'm not sure why I couldn't find your email on the blog or the facebook...I've checked the contact pages and your articles, sorry I may have missed it. I would love to email you though if that's okay with you!

In terms of Taiwanese companies- I wouldn't say I want to restrict myself with Taiwanese companies only, but I figured since I'm looking to return to Asia eventually, it would be a good start- and it may also be easier for them to accept international students.

Happy New Years to you!

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