Thursday, December 17, 2015

新爸日記(16): 華盛頓州的小孩出生證明(Certificate of Live Birth)-父母親出生地欄位上寫著 Taiwan

小孩出生後,醫院會準備申請出生證明(Certificate of Live Birth)的表格,自己可依照表格上的指示申請經過一段時間的等候,終於拿到雙胞胎的出生證明

當我們看到父母親出生地欄位上寫著  Taiwan 時,感覺有點驚訝



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Eric said...

(6) Taiwan:
(a) Public Law 103-415 (1994) provided that the Secretary of State may write “Taiwan” as place of birth in a passport when requested to do so by applicants born there;
NOTE: The United States does not officially recognize Taiwan as a “state” or “country,” although passport issuing officers may enter “Taiwan” as a place of birth. (See also 7 FAM 1340 Appendix D d(6)(f).)
(b) An applicant who writes “China” as his/her place of birth on a passport application will continue to have “China” printed in his/her passport. If the person is a first time passport applicant, the applicant’s proof of birth documentation should reflect birth in Taiwan in accordance with paragraph (d) below;
(c) An applicant who writes “Taiwan, China” as a place of birth on a passport application should be contacted to ascertain whether he/she prefers either “Taiwan” or “China” as his/her place of birth;
(d) When an applicant writes “Taiwan” on a passport application as place of birth, print Taiwan as the place of birth on the passport after confirming, by examining the citizenship evidence and other documentation, that the applicant’s city of birth is on one of the following islands: the island of Taiwan (formerly called Formosa), Penghu (formerly called Pescadores), Quemoy, or Matsu;
(e) The city of birth only option (7 FAM 1380 Appendix D) is an available alternative;
(f) One China Policy: Passports may not be issued showing place of birth as “Taiwan, China”, “Taiwan, Republic of China” or “Taiwan ROC”. The United States recognizes the government of the People’s Republic of China as the sole legal government of China and acknowledges the Chinese position that there is but one China and that Taiwan is a part of China; and
(g) A passport applicant whose previous U.S. passports listed “Taiwan” as place of birth may request that his/her new passport be issued listing “China” as place of birth;

Ray said...

看美簽證上面寫的是什麼,就對了喔 :)

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